My un-American pie

A slice of the un-American pie

To celebrate Barack Obama winning the 2012 presidential election, I made a very un-American pie, modifying the recipe I normally use, which comes from different sources, but particularly the great Smitten Kitchen, which is now also an actual cookbook.

I’ve been baking pies for a few years (specifically since Pushing Daisies), and although I’m a huge fan of American-style pies, I do find them often too sweet,1 and they tend to be a bit too buttery for the average Italian. So I decided to depart from some of the standard specifications, and use no sugar in the crust (and use much less sugar in general), use less butter without compromising the integrity of the crust, and try a mix of regular and whole-wheat flour.

Whole-wheat Williams pear pie with pecorino sardo and orange-blossom–honey streusel

(I’m going to have to find a shorter name for it. Let’s just call it Un-American Pear Pie for now.)

Update: this recipe will soon reappear in a new section of this site called Gluten—guess what it’s about.

  1. The sweetness might also have to do with the fact that I use Royal Gala apples for my apple pies without lowering the amount of sugar in the filling. But I’m learning. ↩︎