My antisocial experiment

When I re-entered Facebook at the end of 2008, my intention was to use other services (Twitter above all) to funnel information into it, in order to minimize the time I’d spend on it. I’ve mostly succeeded, but even this low-investment approach has done nothing to improve my consideration of Facebook. I still think it feels like being in middle school. I’m not saying Twitter is necessarily better in that respect, but I find it a lot less aggravating, especially because it doesn’t want to gulp down every aspect of my life—digital and organic.

Thus, for more than two years I’ve made sure that all of my tweets went straight to Facebook, where people (that is, the allowed selection of “friends”) could read and like and comment and whatnot. However, in the past couple of months I’ve felt this practice makes less sense than I expected. After all, my tweets are meant for an audience of tweeters (and, in all fairness, sometimes not even for that), and by pushing them to Facebook I’m only fooling myself that my engagement with the social network par excellence is limited. In fact, I’m only feeding the beast, adding to the chaos of other people’s walls.

This realization comes at a time when I’m rethinking the way I should use my personal website, possibly making it less of a receptacle of stale thoughts and more like a hub, the place that broadcasts my signal, no matter how spare—I think that’s how I intended it, at some point. So, no more non sequiturs. What will be pushed to Facebook is (for the time being): pictures from Instagram (to make myself believe that I’m still, if ever, a photographer), posts from this website (whatever form it will take in the upcoming future) and web links, also fed from Antiorario.

We’ll see how the experiment goes.