My spacetime construction

On the third day the sun came out in Cincinnati. I was almost starting to doubt that they even had a sun in Ohio. All things considered, though, it’s been good for conference business. I am not going to say that the conference was a breakthrough – it wasn’t. But there have been positive aspects.

I was quite satisfied with my panel Saturday morning, because it ended up being consistent across the board, and more so than I expected. It seemed there was an actual interest in Lost, since right before I spoke (I was the third in my panel) the room’s population increased to about 25 people, with not enough chairs for everyone. Yes, it was a very small room.

Comedy pays off. Despite my three and a half hours of sleep the night before (nervousness? Need to give my Keynote slides the final touches? Both?), I put up quite a smooth performance. (Not glorifying myself here, people actually stopped me in the hallways to tell me that.) A few people who had never watched Lost before told me they would check out the show. While that was not my main goal (although it’s always nice if the audience has at least a faint idea of what you’re talking about), at least it means that I tickled their curiosity.