My techno vibe

Honestly, the prospect of driving to Los Angeles at what sounded like the rush hour of the afternoon could have been dreadful. Considering also that Hilary, who was going to give us a place to crash for the night, does not exactly live on the south side of the metro area. I had vivid memories of four hours spent driving north on Interstate 405 on a previous trip and in similar conditions, and I hoped the experience would not repeat itself.

Back to August 11. Hilary, being the coolest and chillest person on earth, said she’d wait for us, as she was just hanging with a friend at home. Maybe her chill brought us luck, since we arrived at her doorstep in the exact time predicted by our GPS navigator, and we found her and friend sipping drinks and practicing songs on the couch.

Hilary is the first person I ever knew who has a record in the iTunes Store (is that the measure of fame, nowadays?), and the improvised entertainment we were offered was unusual and a great closing for yet another day on the road.

Except it was not the closing of anything, since the night continued at a nearby Hollywood club, for a techno performance by friends of friends of friends – I forget the exact number of degrees of separation. I am not normally into that kind of music, but I admit I was intrigued. I think during those 40 minutes not a single cell of my body didn’t vibrate, at one point or another. The weirdest feeling was definitely when the outer walls of my nostrils started resonating with the whole room.

Then a forgettable slice of pizza, then back home, where Hilary’s one-person apartment became exceptionally hospitable to five adults. That’s what previous sleeplessness can do.