My poolside night chat

So you move two time zones to the west after eight and a half hours (nominal) of driving, and what do you do? Maybe a cup of green tea, then straight to bed. This would have been the case, had we not had a place to stay at Erin and Mike’s.

Back to August 9. Our evening became a sushi dinner, some chatting in the living room, then a night swim in the pool in our friends’ apartment complex. Perfect time for me to suggest that Vinnie the alligator should be taken out of the car and re-inflated.

Smart move, considering I had taken advantage of the car replacement to get Vinnie folded and stuck in the trunk. Matt would then seize this opportunity to reinstate him onto the back seat. (This will have relevance in a later episode.)

But the evening didn’t end there. Not having seen Erin for two and a half years – apart from our recent work-related Skype calls – it just made sense to stay up talking until 3:30. Even Matt, the night owl, thought it was a bit too much and crashed on the air mattress in the living room well before we got back inside.

This made Erin’s point quite well: the days in Tucson are too hot to even let you think, and the nights are too nice to be wasted sleeping. Not even the stupid mosquitos could convince us to leave the poolside.