My spring break

Three more days and I will be at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol waiting for a flight to New York. (Newark, to be more precise, but who really goes to Newark anyway?)

A week in New York was supposed to be just a relaxing gateway to the PCA/ACA conference in New Orleans, but, considering the way my work has been going lately, I think it will be slightly less relaxing than expected. By now I’m used to roaming the city to find spots where work can be done – if not necessarily quiet, they should at least provide a comfortable, long-lasting place to sit and wi-fi connection. I used to be fond of Doma, but I think I was more into their rugged wooden floors and the good music than anything else. Also, their lack of wi-fi is a deal breaker when I have work to do.

I think I will visit Esperanto Café more often this time. Good chai latte and good cakes, and the people who work there are very friendly. They also have wi-fi and extension cords running all over the place, which means they don’t hate the laptop people – I don’t see why they should anyway.

As long as New York treats me with non-freezing weather I will be fine, although I’m sure New Orleans would largely make up for it, considering they’ve been having springlike temperature for weeks now. I have the feeling they always have springlike temperatures – except in the summer, when it feels like hell’s branch on earth. Going to New Orleans the last week of August like I did in 1998 is a mistake one makes only once.