U2’s web designer: funny or incompetent?

Here’s the notice at the bottom of the home page:

The site is designed for the widest possible access.

For best results, please use a recent browser, set your screen size to 1024x768 and install the latest version of Flash.

First of all, asking users to set their screen size to 1024x768 is misleading, if not just plain wrong: if a screen’s native resolution is larger than that, there should be no problem at all, and it would make no sense to lower it; if, on the other hand, the native resolution is lower, chances are it will be impossible to set it to a higher value. Not to mention the fact that changing a screen’s native resolution most often results in very bad graphics.

Second, “install the latest version of Flash”? Since when does that equal to “widest possible access”?

Requiring or asking users to perform extra steps to view a website is the opposite of making a website widely accessible. I’m not saying people shouldn’t use Flash for websites. I’m saying they shouldn’t pretend Flash is a web-transparent technology. It really is not.

Why didn’t I write this on my pro weblog?

Because it’s more of a rant than anything else, and it does come with extra info: U2’s tour dates are out! Only one date in Italy, at San Siro, Milan, on July 7. Trying to buy those tickets will be a bitch.

Also: I know I haven’t posted a personal review of U2’s new album, No Line on the Horizon, but I have my reasons. Namely, that I’m still adjusting my opinion on a few of the tracks.