Commedia aziendale

Una fonte che resterà anonima mi ha mandato questo splendido esempio di commedia aziendale. Lo pubblico come l’ho ricevuto—ho cambiato solo i nomi per salvaguardare l’ultimo straccio di dignità della persona coinvolta.

Buon divertimento.

Good afternoon Mr. X I’m Rossi Maria the daughter of Mario and I deal me in firm of the administration, accounting and organization.
I write her speaking of the commissions related to the sale of xxxxxxx to the firm XY.
The XY has currently paid 19 invoices (for a total of € xxxxxxxx) they still stay still from there 16 to settle.
I ask her if, for the time being I can make her the invoice of the commissions that concern the invoices already paid (TOT xxxxxxxx x x%= xxxxxxxx).
Then after the payment of the other 16 invoices from XYI will make the second invoice of the commissions that these invoices concern.
If he agrees I send forth her the invoice of €. xxxxxxxx.
I thank in advance and I hope to be able to come soon in Greece with XZ so that to be able to also know.
me kindest regards so that to divide the payment of the commissions.