Orme di Antiorario

My clean slate

After four and a half years of Orme (and ten years after I uploaded the first HTML file of what would later become Antiorario), I thought I was facing a turning point, considering the lack of posts (especially interesting ones) of late. Sure, the concept of “interesting” is always a relative one, but I realize that my Footprints, from this point of view, have been sinking.

One reason for this lack is definitely the abundance of writing I do outside Antiorario. (Such abundance notwithstanding, though, I always feel I never write enough.) I believe that even Twitter has contributed to this, due to its role of low-commitment pressure valve – one thought is enough for a tweet, and I can do that single-handedly on my iPhone, and I can be sure that those two lines, during those ten seconds on Twitter’s home page, will get read by more people than those who might feel like visiting Antiorario.