My relaunch

This website has always been a field of experimentation, which hasn’t always had a positive effect on the way it looked, worked, or on the freshness and interestingness of its content. In the past few months I’ve tried to come up with ideas on how to make it better, by keeping eyes and ears open to what content-conscious designers were doing. I’ve been especially inspired by Craig Mod’s journal, which is by design more a collection of essays than a blog.

Considering my website has been lacking a root section, with everything more centered on the blog, I decided it was time to occupy its core with something that would be less fleeting and more thought-out, possibly longer than the regular blog post. This new content will be made of essays revolving around my core interests (guess what they are), which will engage a reader for more than just a few glances. Hopefully these essays will provoke responses from readers, although not through comments, which are still not allowed on the website, but through external social channels.

I have no shame in admitting I copied from Craig Mod’s website the two-level hierarchical structure of the essays. One main essay will spawn, eventually, secondary ones (which I call B-sides, thus increasing the entropy of the metaphors I use to name things on this site), not necessarily shorter, but which will accommodate any further reasoning on the core subject and on the responses I get from it.

Orme will stay as my ordinary collection of things, albeit less frequented than Twitter. Onde will also remain as my TV-themed weblog, which hopefully will gain new life when the new season starts.

In a way, I’m finally making this website about who I am and what I think, as opposed to my other two websites, which are more about what I do in academics and in my job. I’m confident it’s going to work out.