My tangible goods

It may be because I mostly deal with intangible things, but receiving a box full of well-designed, well-made, well-packaged goods made my day. A couple of weeks ago I was ordering a supply of redesigned Moo business cards and I decided to add something to it. (Let alone the fact that I ordered no less than two hundred business cards, which will probably last five years or so.)

My Moo box

In what may well be considered a self-promotional spree, I designed two sets of minicards, one for my business and one for the theme area I’m chairing at this year’s Film & History conference.

Communikitchen minicards

The Communikitchen minicards are meant to be less of a commitment than a full-fledged business card: they contain the minimum amount of information and self-righteousness to tempt the receiver to get in touch—possibly via web. I can also leave them for someone else to give away, without the need to give a bunch of my private business cards to third parties—that’s just not something one should do. I decided to go for the slogan I coined for the new year’s cards I had printed in December, which sounds (in my head, at least) more humorous and less cold than the one I’ve used so far—which is up on the website until I find time to finish my current redesign process.

Film & History minicards

I designed the Film & History minicards with, on the front, a very large URL of the call for papers for my theme area, “The Intrusion of Love” (which is actually way less cheesy than one might think), and some basic information on the conference on the back. The mysterious URL and the bold colors should make good bait at the PCA/ACA conference in St. Louis this spring.

Felt minicard holders

But that wasn’t enough, and right before completing the order I threw in three felt minicard holders. The gray one is for me. I had a plan to attach it to my keychain, but considering that the minicards inside it have my address, it suddenly stopped sounding like a good idea.