My road trip

After three days in New York, I’m having breakfast at Starbucks in Washington Heights, getting the final details ready for the road trip. In slightly more than three hours I’ll meet Matteo at the Newark Airport, where, we hope, the car we rented will be waiting for us.

It seems that New York will give me a clear enough sky this morning, as opposed to yesterday afternoon’s crazy rains. Don’t get me wrong: I loved it. The temperature was agreeable, and having an umbrella (which, in my case, started falling apart, as do all the umbrellas I bring to New York) is enough to keep the experience under control.

Plus, it only takes a quick walk into the Subway system to completely dry off – except for some residual sweat, which is due to the system’s tropical climate. (And I thought hell was supposed to be a dry place.)

Our first leg will take us to Washington, D.C., which is actually a last-minute addition. Not too far, just enough to warm us up.

Due to uncertainty in network connection, I can’t guarantee the continuity of my posts from the road. Nor can I be sure that I’ll be able to promptly make them bilingual. To facilitate that, I’ll keep them short and relevant. No more weather talk, unless necessary (considering it’s hurricane season).