My strong arm

Caller: Eek! My 10-year-old PC is driving me insane! Now it barely starts up! What should I do?

Antiorario: Dump it an buy a new one.

C: But I don’t use it much, and I don’t want to spend too much money.

A: Then buy a Mac mini. You can use it with your screen and your keyboard, and it’s only €499. [One of those times when I feel like a salesman. Except I don’t get paid for it.]

C: My daughter has found these Windows laptops that are very very cheap. She says that she has no time to help me learn the new system. [The daughter is a Mac user. Shame on her. But she’s already been bashed.]

A: These laptops run Windows Vista Home Basic. You buy either of them, you’ll get no further assistance from me.

C: Um, so, it’s a Mac mini, right?

[It’s not a literal transcript, but close enough.]