My clean slate

After four and a half years of Orme (and ten years after I uploaded the first HTML file of what would later become Antiorario), I thought I was facing a turning point, considering the lack of posts (especially interesting ones) of late. Sure, the concept of “interesting” is always a relative one, but I realize that my Footprints, from this point of view, have been sinking.

One reason for this lack is definitely the abundance of writing I do outside Antiorario. (Such abundance notwithstanding, though, I always feel I never write enough.) I believe that even Twitter has contributed to this, due to its role of low-commitment pressure valve – one thought is enough for a tweet, and I can do that single-handedly on my iPhone, and I can be sure that those two lines, during those ten seconds on Twitter’s home page, will get read by more people than those who might feel like visiting Antiorario.

Then came my decision to move somewhere else my technology topics, because I thought Orme was becoming more of that than anything else, yet without being committed and continuous enough to be a real technoblog. Luckily, since I’m not being paid for that.

The last few days have been a sort of revelation, which coincided with a massive upgrade to Drupal 6 and a structural consolidation of my personal and professional websites. (Them being solid and consistent doesn’t necessarily mean they are “beautiful.” The last website a web designer works on is his own, illogically enough.)

Hence, a clean slate: Orme starts from square one. Since I’m the kind of guy who keeps everything (I’m getting better though), the old archives remain, but in a corner. Apart from this, Orme di Antiorario starts here.