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My lost focus

I have no idea how some people can watch the finale of a show like Lost—an emotional episode, and also very controversial—and immediately start writing about it. I admire those people. All I could do yesterday, after watching the episode at 6 a.m., was wait for the evening and watch it again. I decided to focus on the good stuff, and tweeted extensively about it, possibly without giving anything away to those who haven’t seen it yet. That comes way before any analytic effort on my part.

So, here it is—my list of favorite things about the Lost series finale:

Sitcom Time

Thanks to @janefader for tweeting me a link to an article on next week’s Time magazine, “No Laugh Track Required: The Comeback of the Sitcom.” At first I feared the writer, James Poniewozik, was concentrating in three pages the last four and a half years of my research time (which would have been quite annoying), but in the end the article is just a review of new and not-so-new shows currently airing on American television.

The new TV season is on

The 2009-2010 television season has officially started, and I’ve been doing a little research on what new shows will replace the defunct ones, or those that I simply bumped off my schedule. I’ve decided that I will mostly stick to comedy – for academic reasons and because I still think comedy usually has more to offer.